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Grupo Security Proposes a Dividend of CH$7.45 Per Share

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Grupo Security Proposes a Dividend of CH$7.45 Per Share

At a board meeting held today, the Board of Directors of Grupo Security agreed to propose a dividend of 54.8% of profit obtained during 2018 at the Shareholders' Meeting scheduled for April 29th.

The proposal calls for a dividend of CH $7.45 per share on May 10th, in addition to the interim dividend of CH $1.9 already paid and an additional dividend of CH $2.6, totaling CH $11.95 per share and representing 54.8% of profit for the year 2018.

For the year 2018, Grupo Security reported profit of CH $80,548, which represents an increase of 7.8% over 2017. Grupo Security's stock reported a return of 8.0% in 2018, outperforming the S&P/CLX IPSA, which posted a return of -8.3%. One highlight in March was the upgrading of the ratings from FitchRatings for Grupo Security, Banco Security and Factoring Security to AA-, AA and AA-, respectively.

Grupo Security is a diversified financial group structured into four main business areas. Each area includes the subsidiaries and divisions that share common business objectives. These four areas are: lending, insurance, asset management and other services.